Meanwhile, Illo hopped in front of Chel, Zeta and Stealth, leading them down the main perimeter hall. From here, the moon was visible like it couldn’t be seen from Earth. Chel marveled at the high glass walls and long almost transparent curtains that hung over portions of it. “Wow!” She exclaimed, overtaken by the experience. Never had she dreamed she’d be walking on the deck of a starship. Sure, at points when she was younger she’s thought about going up in a space shuttle. But space shuttles are small and cramped without room to move as freely as this.

“Pretty isn’t it?” Illo glanced back at the group. “I love coming out here to stargaze!” She seemed pleased that they were enjoying the tour.

“How big is this ship?” Chel noted that the hall and doors seemed to go on endlessly.

“200 rooms. It’s a Celestial – 32 class Star Yacht, newest in pleasure travel.” Illo stopped hopping a moment to talk about the ship, which she did enthusiastically. “Wait until you see the main deck! Claudia likes throwing lavish parties. She’s planning one right now. I’m sure she’ll invite you and Lexx. She’s so enamored with him.”

Chel smirked to herself. Enamored, obsessed, such a nice way to look at it. Then she started to feel badly about leaving Lexx alone with Claudia. Despite Lexx’s lack of interest, she hadn’t ceased for a moment in flirting with him and touching him. Even after Lexx repeatedly asked her not to, she kept it up.