“Claudia, .. Please! Let me go, NOW!” Lexx rolled over, grimacing.

“No.” Claudia smiled smugly, “I finally got you on my ship and you aren’t going anywhere!”

Lexx went rigid in fear. He swallowed hard, attempting to think his way out of this. Then, it struck him. The perfect escape. “Ok! Ok! But I have to tell you something first!”

“Yes, Dear?!” Claudia looked at him expectantly, still pinning him down with her body. “What is it? I’m listening to your every word!”

That would be a first. Claudia never listened. How many times had Lexx stated that he was not interested. How many times had he asked her not to touch him, not to jump on him or simply to keep her distance? More than he could count.

“I didn’t want to tell you,.. but Chel is my wife!” Lexx hoped he sounded convincing, turning his head so he wouldn’t have to look directly at Claudia. “That’s why she’s with me!”

Claudia’s expression fell dramatically. “Surely you jest!” She blinked. “Two weeks apart and you’re already married, to that human?! Did our time together mean nothing?! What does she have that I don’t … and much better I might add!” What could Lexx see in that girl? She was short, not that attractive and her ears were round. How could she compete with Claudia? What -did- Chel have that she didn’t?