Chel stared at the two. She had that horrible feeling one gets when walking in on people doing things best done in private. ‘Oh,.. gross!” She thought to herself. I don’t even want to imagine!! The last thing I wanted to see was Lexx and Claudia rolling around on the floor making out. This is sooo awkward.’

Now she’d have to look at Lexx in a different way. He’d been trying to get away from Claudia, now… they didn’t even have the decency to go to a room, preferably one with a door. It slightly disgusted Chel.

“I’m sorry,…” Chel averted her gaze, “I’m interrupting something? I’ll just come back later-” She started to turn and leave when she noticed the odd look that Lexx was giving her as he scrambled to his feet. Claudia was glaring at her.

“Oh no!! Chel!!” Lexx sounded desperate as he darted toward Chel. “I’m sorry!! It’s not what it looks like! I swear!!”