Chel took one step backward, lifting her arms slightly with the intention to block Lexx. She wasn’t fast enough. Lexx grabbed Chel forcefully, pulling her close before she could say anything other than, “Lexx!” Chel was going to be VERY mad at him. He just knew it, but it was much better than being left with Claudia. Maybe this would also put an end to that problem.

‘What the – I can’t believe Lexx is really doing this!’ Chel’s eyes were open wide in shock as Lexx actually kissed her. If it hadn’t been forced, it might have been enjoyable. Lexx only opened his eyes for a moment fixing them on Chel with a frantic gleam that sent chills down her back. ‘Now I’m afraid! What are they up to?!’

It didn’t last for long. Chel pushed away from Lexx and yelled at him, her left fist raising and swinging as hard as she could at his face. Lexx didn’t have time to react as the fist connected with his cheek, knocking him off balance. Chel glared at Lexx and Claudia suspiciously, backing away. Lexx frowned, rubbing his cheek, “Time to go, Claudia,… as you can see. I have some explaining to do.”

“You better believe you do!” Chel yelled.

Claudia hadn’t moved from the floor and simply watched the two, contemplating, “My,.. such interesting kissing customs Earthers have. Just friends,… married,… brutal.”