Zeta followed Chel back to the bunkroom. Scowling, Chel sat down on the bed she’d been sleeping on the last few nights. Her mind was flooded with thoughts of indecision. In a way, she felt violated. She didn’t take well to being grabbed and forced into an intimate embrace with an alien,.. even if he wasn’t an alien. That was really beginning to bother her. He was human. If any man on Earth had done what he did, as harmless as he intended it to be, he’d probably be facing sexual harassment charges.

“Why Chel mad at Lexx?” Zeta’s voice broke into her thoughts. He was standing in front of her, head cocked to one side and blue eyes inquiring in his usual innocent way. “Lexx kiss that bad? Zeta not understand why do that. Always annoy Lexx when Claudy try kiss him,.. why kiss you? What you do?” He tilted his head in the opposite direction.

“It’s supposed to be something you do when you like someone,.. well for some people. For me. I don’t want a guy kissing me unless I want him too and I don’t want to kiss Lexx.” She paused, staring at Zeta, then added. “I am mad at Lexx because he used me to keep her from doing the same thing to him! That hurt.” It really did. She was uncertain about staying on the ship now, almost afraid. Lexx was way too confusing.

In her short time knowing him, she was very aware of his dislike of being touched. He hated it. He seemed to completely tense up if she even got within an inch of him. Maybe,… she considered, he wanted away from Claudia so badly that he’d rather kiss Chel and make Claudia think they were married. It did make sense, but she was still mad.

“Zeta think maybe Lexx not thinking about hurt you doing it? He just want Claudy leave him alone?” Zeta voiced her thoughts.

“Maybe,.. but I’m still mad about it.” Lexx listened from just outside the door. He had followed Chel with the intention of apologizing further and trying to find out why she was mad at him. Now, he stood against the wall, thinking.