“Dim.” Lexx muttered to the lights in the living area. They immediately softened. Lexx was getting used to sleeping on the couch, although it wasn’t really that comfortable. It was much better than the beds in the ADC Academy. The mattresses had been so thin he could feel the wiring against his back when he slept.

Lexx’s thoughts shifted to Chel, trying to think of something that she would like. At first, he thought perhaps they could go down to the beach again, but that was too easy. He had to put effort into this. Enough that she wouldn’t be mad at him anymore. Why it mattered was beyond him, but he felt uneasy at her being angry.

He recalled how persistent she’d been about staying to watch the sunset on Earth. She apparently liked the colors and there were a few things that he could think of that would probably stun her. Most of them were too far away to travel to in a decent amount of time, but there was one… one that he could think of that was a few hours away. He could sacrifice a few hours once he captured the next dice, plus, he was getting low on supplies. Between his last dice on the previous planet and coming to Earth, he hadn’t stopped to replenish his stores. This would be a good opportunity to get things done.

Lexx was up early, as usual. Zeta, Stealth, Fly and Dig were up as well, all four begging for breakfast. “Look, I don’t have enough for full meals for you four this morning, so you’re going to have to wait until later for the rest.” He put down four black bowls and proceeded to portion out some sort of wet chunky brown food from a bag into each of them, giving Dig and Fly the least.

Dig snorted at the food, “Why do I get less than everyone else?” He growled, turning and sticking his nose into Stealth’s bowl.

“That is mine!” Stealth hissed and cuffed Dig hard with a paw across his head. He went rolling, once onto his back and then he was on his feet again, lunging at Stealth.

“Dig!” Lexx snapped, grabbing him by the tail in mid air. The armadillo flailed his claws violently, hissing like a leaking tire. “You have enough for you. If you insist on attacking Stealth I’m going to have to return you to the terra room.” Dig snorted, but relaxed. Lexx put him back on the floor in front of his bowl.

Stealth growled, slowly eating her food, eyes fixated on Dig.

Zeta pushed his bowl across the floor, licking the sides to make sure he didn’t miss anything. Then he lifted his head, feathers flipping backwards, “Zeta still hungry.” He whined.

“Like I said, Zeta, you’ll have to wait for more and if you do good, you and Fly will get extra.” Lexx gave Dig a stern look and turned to leave the room.

Chel wasn’t asleep when Lexx walked into the bedroom. He stopped next to the bed, uncertain of just how to wake her up. Lexx decided on the direct approach. “Chel. Get up. I have a surprise for you, but need to get the energy dice first.”

The tone only made Chel more stubborn in responding. Just who did he think he was? “I don’t want to go, Lexx.” She grumbled.

“Chel.” Lexx was trying to be polite. “I would like it if you join me.”

“I’m still mad at you, Lexx. Go away.” Chel frowned, glaring at the wall.

“Ok.” Lexx decided it might be best that he not push her. She didn’t have to go down with him and it would probably be quicker if she didn’t. “I’ll get the dice first. I do expect you to be up by the time I return.” Lexx glanced over his shoulder as he left the room.

“You’re expecting a lot.” Chel stated as the door closed.