“Get it!” Lexx was quick to reach into his pocket and bring out the modifier dice. He threw them as Zeta and Fly darted forward. It only took seconds for the modifications to take affect, a soft glow enveloping Fly and Zeta.

The basset hound simply laid there, lazily wagging his tail, staring at the two. Fly hmpthed. This wasn’t going to be much of a challenge. “You’re just going to lay there?!”

The dog didn’t move, not that Zeta and Fly could see as Zeta leaped forward, intending to tackle the dog and Fly swooped down low. Energy vanished, leaving Zeta eating grass. Fly was quick enough to correct his descent and simply land, tail twining wildly around him in wonder.

“Will have to try harder, won’t you?” The dog was mocking them. He appeared laying on his back in the grass, eyes closed. Zeta and Fly glared at him, Zeta starting forward a bit more carefully as Fly leapt back into the air.