“No, Lexx! Wait!” Chel walked slowly behind Lexx.

“Stay out of this, Chel!” Lexx tried, but failed to control the level of his voice. “This is game business. Go back to the beach.” The last thing he needed was having her follow him and try to stop him. “I have to destroy the eggs immediately. I don’t need a feral dice on my hands! Epsy won’t listen to me and I need her!” Anger and desperation crept into his mind and was quickly taking over, focusing his anger into a single goal: Destroy the eggs.

Lexx broke into a run, vanishing among the trees within a moment. Chel hesitated, then ran after him. She had to do something. Anything. Stealth ran after her and Riley, who had rushed over at Stealth’s proclamation ran after both of them.

“You should listen to Lexx.” Riley called after Chel as she stumbled through several clumps of thick ferns. “You need to come with me back to the beach, Chel!”

“NO!” Chel ran in the direction Lexx had gone. She could hear him running ahead and easily see broken foliage and footprints in the ground. A near constant series of lightening kept the path illuminated. “I have to stop him!”

“Go back, Chel! It has to be done!” Stealth bounded behind her, having to move at a slight angle to keep from outrunning Chel.