Shortly afterward, Lexx walked into the main living area. He was in a better mood now that another dice was down. Chel was sitting on the couch with Stealth draped across her lap, purring like a well tuned engine. “Six down, four to go and then this subset will be complete.” Lexx announced.

“Good for you.” Chel responded drily, not looking up at Lexx.

Lexx was slightly perplexed as he looked at the girl. “That attitude doesn’t really fit you, Chel.”

“Really.” Chel didn’t change her tone, pursing her lips slightly. It wasn’t like he knew her well enough to know what did and did not ‘fit’ her.

“You’re stubborn.” Lexx stated.

“And you’re thick headed.” Chel was quick to reply.

“I am not.”

“You are!”

Then both went silent, Lexx because he wasn’t really sure what to say now, Chel because she felt like a little kid bickering with a sibling.