“Why are you sad, Lexx?” Chel ventured curiously.

“Ugh, don’t they ever talk about anything interesting?” Stealth growled to herself. She bunched herself up against the wall and peeked around the doorframe into the living area. She couldn’t really see the couch from the door, but she could hear them better.

“I am sad that I put you in such a difficult position. Would it be easier if you just explained to your father and I-” Lexx offered. Despite his fear of encountering the wrong type of human, this was Chel’s father. He couldn’t possibly mean him any harm and he just had to talk to him. How hard could it be? Lexx just wasn’t getting it.

Chel sighed, thinking the scenario over in her mind. “Yes, I can see it now, Dad standing there listening to my alien friend tell him that he snuck into our house and into my room in the middle of the night-“