Chel didn’t go directly through the doors, instead leaning against the wall next to them. She leaned over slightly to see inside, but didn’t see much. It was dark and somewhat gloomy. She could see a few lights lower down and more lights were coming on as Lexx worked the controls.

“Lexx,… I thought you didn’t want me past this door.” Chel stated dryly.

“I’m giving you permission while I’m in here, Chel.” Lexx called up the short flight of stairs as low light filled the room.

Now that Chel could see, she slowly walked down the stairs, Stealth following at her heels. “Wow!” Chel looks around at the narrow confine of what appeared to be the ‘cockpit’ of The Rift. Lights flickered across the ceiling and glowing panels in the wall undulated with soft glows in purple, gold and red.

“Down here, if you want the best view.” Lexx glanced over the side of his chair at Chel.

Then, she looked forward. It was like the windows in Claudia’s ship, so clear that it looked like you could reach out and touch the stars,… and the Earth. From here, Chel could actually see the planet below. It continually amazed her. She was doing something that people her own age could only dream about and she didn’t even have to go through any training.

“This isn’t what I want to show you.” Lexx was pleased at the reaction so far.