Two hours later, The Rift slowed and drifted to their destination. There was a bright, fluctuating light emitting just out of Chel’s vision. She leaned forward trying to see better.

“We’re here.” Lexx leaned back, waiting for Chel to see fully what he had brought her to look at.

“Whoa,…” Chel inclined her head, amazed at the way space here seemed to divide into a golden orange sky. And then, something seemed to break the rippling waves of color, a brief glimpse of something larger than their ship. She yelped in surprise, jerking back, then leaning forward more. “I thought I saw something move out there! Are there more ships out here?”

Lexx chuckled, tapping a key to make the ship turn so Chel could see better, “This is Aidaron Falls and those… are what we call Vapors.”