Chel watched in open mouthed awe as the ship was angled so that the entire viewer was filled with what looked remarkably like ocean waves with a golden mist encircling it. Large almost transparent shapes breached the surface and almost curiously encircled The Rift. They moved with the fluidity of energy, rays of color extending from their lithe bodies. Chel was reminded of the glass fish she’d seen in pet stores, completely transparent except for a neon streak of color, only these things were larger, much larger and far more interesting to look at.

You could see completely through them and they didn’t have bones or any noticeable internal organs other than a globe of sorts a quarter of the way down their bodies. It glowed white primarily, but a pair of rings that encircled it were a rainbow of coloration.

“Those things are alive?!” Chel finally found her voice and glanced at Lexx. They didn’t really fit any definition of life Chel had heard.

“You can find life everywhere, even in the vacuum of space.” Lexx was amused, “The Falls are a complete ecosystem. We can’t pilot ships any closer than this. If we did, we’d be stranded. The engines won’t work in that environment.”