“I thought you might like it, since you like sunsets and this place is an eternal sunset.” Lexx commented, realizing that he was beginning to ramble unnecessarily.

“It’s beautiful.” Chel didn’t want to blink and miss anything. It was so breathtaking to see the vapors darting in and out of the ‘clouds’ like some insane mixture of bird and fish. They moved quickly and gracefully. She had never seen anything that could compare with it.

“The sun in this system is almost dead.” Lexx tapped a few keys, bringing up a pair of new screens. One screen magnified space away from the falls, closer to the dimming crimson ball of fire that marked the center of this galaxy. “See those things out there? Those are energy collectors for when it eventually goes nova.”

Huge flat panels drifted in space, all angled toward the sun. It reminded Chel of pictures she’d seen of fields covered in solar panels on Earth. The similarity was amazing.