Chel grinned slightly. Now this would really be interesting. Lexx was taking her to an alien mall! She really wished she had some sort of acceptable money to get a souvenir to prove where she’d been, but just seeing it would be enough for now. He was really being nice,… so different from how he’d been before.

Lexx was still a little aloof toward her, speaking with an air of arrogance that he knew so much that Chel didn’t. That did irritate her a little, but she’d started to see that was just him. She could understand the stress he was under and could also see that he was going out of his way to please her, in his own way and it made her feel odd.

Nobody had ever done anything like this just for her. There was more to Lexx than he let on and she was really enjoying the experience of uncovering those mysteries. It was like opening a puzzle and having to put the pieces together without seeing what the picture was until it was completed. It was intriguing and of course, it’s also the general draw of women to men. That drive to uncover and make better. She could help him. She knew she could.

“The ship’s linked to the station, it’ll dock itself without us sitting here and then we can gate out.” Lexx arose from his chair and started back up the stairs.

“He’s full of surprises.” Stealth purred to Chel before following after him.

“Very.” Chel smiled.

Sooner than she expected, Chel, Lexx, Zeta and Stealth were standing outside the ship on the docking tiles. A strange looking creature, among many strange creatures hovered toward them and carried on a conversation with Lexx in another language that consisted of a lot of high pitched sound. For most of it, Chel could see their mouths moving but there was no sound she could hear.

“It will be a few hours.” The creature bobbed and stated in a slurred statement to finalize the agreement in standard.

“Ok.” Lexx nodded and turned to Chel.

“Wow….” Chel was captivated by the numerous alien creatures, all inhuman, carrying on conversations, working on ships docked nearby and moving large pallets of materials.