The four moved forward on a tiled path. The ‘sky’ if it could be called that, was unnaturally clear and the stars didn’t twinkle. Flashes of light from passing ships darted across the black of space; a constant reminder of where they were. The air had a strange overly fresh scent to it and made Chel feel slightly lightheaded. It didn’t seem to bother Lexx or the Dice.

Towering columns that looked very much like trees were everywhere. Their trunks appeared much too smooth to be natural and their branching limbs far ahead angular like wire. The leaves were almost completely round and a golden color. They rustled in an artificial breeze with an eerie tinkling sound like wind chimes. Bushes surrounded the bases of the trees and shimmered with an oily texture. As Chel passed one, she noticed that the leaves were engulfed in globes of a clear liquid. Icicle like protrusions extended from the limbs.

“Chel want cabi?” Zeta hopped up next to the tree and closed his jaws on one of the icicles. “Mmmm… good!” He bit off a piece of it and a bluish white liquid oozed from what was left. “Cabi good! Chel try!” It was fruit, of some sort and it smelled like vanilla.

Lexx grimaced and nudged Zeta forward with his foot, “Zeta, don’t do that!” Lexx scolded. “They don’t like it if you eat their cabi from the garden!”

“Then why in Zeta reach?!” Zeta bounced forward, glancing over his shoulder. “Zeta think not want have, then be out of Zeta reach!”

“Zeta.” Lexx lowered his voice to a more warning tone.

Zeta lowered his head in a pout, “Zeta hungry,…”

“Zeta always hungry.” Stealth strode past him, tails twitching.

“This is so … amazing.” Chel found herself saying and thinking that a lot lately.

“You think so?” Lexx relaxed realizing that nobody had seen what Zeta had done. “This station is an Arsgadde design. They love gardens and plantlife to the point that they grow their homes.”

“Grow their homes?” Chel blinked. “You mean they use trees as homes?”

“No, they grow their homes, every single part of it. The walls are one kind of plant, furniture another. Heh, I’ve been in one of their homes before. It’s strange. They have chairs made out of several different kinds of plants and covered with a spongy fungus. Their floors are grass and they have a central canopy tree to serve as a roof. The canopy tree is usually hundreds of years old.” Lexx explained. “The station itself is mostly organic. You’ll notice how the patterns on these trees kind of look like the station. They’re like organic Sicranium. Claudia’s ship was built from a variation of these as well.”

“Sicranium?” Chel questioned the unknown word.

“I guess Earth hasn’t discovered that element yet. Not all elements occur on all planets.” Lexx answered. “Sicranium is the most powerful building material we have. It’s impenetrable. It’s also perfectly clear from one side. There is nothing in the universe that can pierce it, which of course, makes it hard to work with. Sheets have to be grown and molded over time, but the Arsgadde are excellent artisans in the process. They can build complete working ships in a matter of years just by growing them.”

“Service?” A small flying object arced around Chel and Lexx, stopping in front of them. It was about a foot and a half across and a foot high, coppery orange with a black top. A globe extended from the bottom, which seemed to be the source of its hovering ability. A pair of fins extended from the back, moving slightly to steady the machine.