“Scan ID, Shira Lexx 21223Z21.” Lexx held his hand up to the little robot. From within the globe, red and orange lights flickered, processing the information and reading Lexx’s ID chip.

“Verified.” A hollow mechanical voice echoed from inside the robot.

“Scan records.” Lexx stated evenly and clearly. Porter robots had hundreds of thousands of languages programmed into them, but they sometimes didn’t understand orders if they weren’t spoken perfectly. “Repeat last order. Add 2 Sela. Deliver here. The rest to the ship, tile 6TYD56.”

“This is … not what I expected to see in an alien space station. Well… the flying robot is, but nothing else.” Chel stated as the robot turned and started to hover away.

“Approval granted.” The robot echoed and floated away.

“Heh.” Lexx was feeling very good for some reason. “They are all different depending on who’s running them.”

Chel blinked as the porter returned, or at least one that looked like it with two packages on top of it wrapped in cellophane like red wrapping. “Your order.”

“Wow, that was fast.”

“They are known for their promptness.”