“Heh,.. really?” This woke her father up. He strolled out into the grass of a field that was alive with men and women in white coats. Several trees, their trunks shattered laid in the grass nearby and the sun was shining brightly through the remaining trees’ branches. Behind him, several tents had been erected. “As interesting as I am?” He teased.

“Daaad!” Chel grinned.

“So,… tell me about your interesting guy.” He went on in a lighter tone, curious to listen to what his daughter had to say. “I have time. We haven’t had a good talk since your mother and I left. Been busy with work. I’m on site right now as a matter of fact.”

“Mom told me.” Chel stepped into the kitchen to talk, almost afraid that Lexx would hear her. What harm was there in telling her dad about Lexx? She didn’t have to say he was an ‘alien’ and Dad wouldn’t ask that question. “His name is Lexx. He’s from out of town, so you probably won’t get to meet him. He’s only here a few weeks,…”