Lexx sighed, letting his gaze drift upward to the sky.  The soft wispy clouds were slowly moving against their peaceful blue backdrop.  For the briefest of moments, Lexx felt a sense of calm.  He separated himself from the battle.  It wasn’t really anything he had to watch.  Stealth did not need his advice.  She was perfectly capable of handling Mischief on her own – SLOOP!!

Lexx’s gaze jerked in the direction of the sound.  He glared in annoyance at the pair of dice.  Stealth was immediately behind a bouncing ball of mud, which was heading directly for Lexx.

– Text missing –

Lexx: “… They’re coming this way!!”

To those who are playing catchup. I apologize for the huge gap. It’s partly to be blamed on the realization that I really can’t write worth anything and partly on sinuses/an evil preacher/convention prep/just more work than I could handle.