“Bye, Dad!” Chel wrapped up the call an hour later and hung up the phone. She was smiling and feeling good about things in general. It was nice to speak to mom and dad for a while. She turned and walked into the living room. “Hey, Lexx,.. are you ready to go?”

Kalvin was nowhere to be seen, but Lexx was less than a foot from the TV screen; the game controller gripped in his hands as he guided a car through a busy street. “One more game!” He didn’t take his eyes off the screen as the car careened around a corner, forcing pedestrians to dive to the pavement.

Chel smirked and folded her arms, just watching Lexx. It was a comical scene, considering Lexx’s wings twitched and stretched every few seconds.

Chel’s father looked out over the devastated clearing before him. “Good to know everything is ok at home.” He sighed, taking a moment to stretch. It had been a long day and a long night. They’d gone over the entire area, taking photographs, asking questions of the locals and collecting samples.

“Vic,…” He turned hearing his name. Force of habit. “You need to come and look at this.” Vic sighed and walked into the nearest tent.