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March 31, 2008 (3 Comments)

"Move, Lexx!" Stealth turned to see him struggling to push himself up with his right elbow. Lexx was gripping his left shoulder, ... where his arm should have been. Blood was streaming from the open wound. Stealth quickly moved to his side, shoving her muzzle under his arm to brace him. "Before Epsy changes her mind!" "Riley! We need help!!" Energy tried to help Lexx to his feet, but he was afraid he would do more harm than good with his narrow fingers and sharp claws. "You idiot! Why did you do that?!" Stealth hissed. Lexx let go of his shoulder long enough to brace himself against Stealth and get to his feet. "You knew she wouldn't listen to you." "Had to crush the eggs ..." Lexx replied in a low pained voice. "Don't need a feral dice ..." Lexx gripped his shoulder again. The nanites had slowed the flow to barely a trickle, but the pain was still there along with a growing drained feeling. If he were in real battle, it would've been different. The nanites would not be causing him problems. Lexx's head spun, his thoughts in a constant loop as he staggered away from Epsy with Energy and Stealth's help. "Feral dice ... she's not going to listen. She's not going back to the ship." "Stay back, Chel." Riley hurried toward Lexx. "I'll take care of Lexx. You don't need to see this." "I saw his wing get ripped off," Chel worriedly tagged behind Riley. She was concerned, but she had not been able to see what had happened in the darkness. "How bad could-" A flash of lightening clearly illuminated Lexx stumbling toward them. Stealth and Energy stood on either side of him. Drift and Swiftpaw slowly walked behind him, their bodies turned toward Epsy in case she attempted to attack again. Chel's stomach turned and wrenched sharply. The jagged strips of flesh and cloth on Lexx's left shoulder were all she needed to see. She turned away, fighting the urge to throw up. Epsy had done that to Lexx. Sweet, adorable, cute and cheerful Epsy. The thought was just too much for her.

2 thoughts on “March 31, 2008 (3 Comments)

  1. Sweet, adorable, cute and cheerful Epsy is not Big Bad Momma Epsy

  2. By all rights getting a wing the kind Lexx has at the moment ripped off would be akin to getting an arm ripped off anyway.

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