The inside of the tent was spartan, with only the barest of equipment. It didn’t matter, it was all top of the line equipment. Some of it hadn’t even been released to the general public yet. “Vic, you have to see this.” He made a beeline for the somewhat ecstatic woman he commonly referred to as his wife or Melissa. They were often dispatched on correlating teams due to their specialized work. There weren’t a lot of people who were qualified for this work, especially in keeping the secrets they had to.

Most of the other agents and scientists who were married, did so inside the agency. It was easier this way since you didn’t have to keep secrets from your spouse. At least, not as many. Melissa motioned to the microscope on the table nearest her. “Tell me what you see.”

Vic took off his sunglasses and wiped his forehead. Then he leaned down to see what his wife was trying to show him. It was a slide, prepared the usual way, using blood from the main piece of evidence they had found. Vic wasn’t a scientist, but he was certain that what he was looking at wasn’t supposed to be there. There were small, round metallic objects in the blood,… and one spiky looking one.

“Do you see it?” Melissa stood by, eagerly waiting for confirmation on what she was seeing. “It’s some kind of nano machine! I’m sure of it! I think all of the round objects in the blood are dormant, but this one is active!”

“Is it dangerous?” That was Vic’s immediate response to everything they encountered.

“That, I don’t know.” Melissa grinned. “For certain,.. but if it were, I suppose we’d all be infected by now.”

“Don’t joke about that.” Vic sighed and shook his head.

“We’ve taken the usual precautions. No-one has had actual ‘contact’ with the specimen.” Melissa chuckled.

“In any case, we should break up camp and move back to the labs. Just in case. We’re done here anyway.” Vic shook his head. This was the way it was. He was always the more serious of the two and Melissa was not like any of the other scientists. She was optimistic to a point he couldn’t understand. Nothing could get her down. Perhaps this was why they got along so well. They compensated for each other’s strengths and weaknesses perfectly.

“Great, I’ll just accompany the specimen. Have you gotten a good look at it?” Melissa started to walk away.

“Yes, I oversaw the recovery team before you arrived.”

“But you didn’t get to really look at it?”

“No.” Vic started after her.