“The blood is human, Vic, as improbable as it sounds.” Melissa glanced over her shoulder.

“Humans don’t normally grow bat wings.” Vic shrugged. “Some sort of genetic experiment?”

“Possibly.” Melissa stopped in front of a frosty glass case and slid the top off to reveal their ‘specimen’. Inside was the wing that Lexx had lost a little more than a day before. Rain had washed away a lot of the blood and it was pale and iced over from the cold. “I’m amazed whoever that wing belonged to walked away on his own. There was so much blood on the grass. Just look at the condition it’s in. I swear it’s been bitten off.” Melissa was rambling now, jumping from one subject to another. “There was a battle of some sort going on out there. Nobody saw anything. A couple of kids found it. Can you imagine how big the other creature had to have been to do this? We’re still running tests on the blood, but thought we’d do the wing first since it’s a solid piece of evidence.”

“Yes,.. but of what?” Vic stared at the wing. It gave him the creeps.

“Someone out there knows.” Melissa shrugged and slid the case closed. “And we need to find them.”