And NOW, you get to see Maenae, as promised.

She’s not like any of the other humanlike species and is the last of them that are humanoid in appearance.  Special key notes about her kind.  It’s unnamed.  She’s the only one anyone has encountered alive and a curiosity.  She’s about 3 years old, but appears and acts like a 10 year old.

Lexx has had her in his custody for almost a year, through a very unusual situation and is trying his best to keep her from falling into the hands of the ADC who are VERY interested in her.

It appears that Maenae’s kind do not see on a spectrum like the other races.  She sees everything by using energy, heat or a highly advanced radar as her main sources of getting around.  If the light is dim enough, she can see on the same spectrum as the others. She can switch between different ways of  ‘sight’ and combinations of them with ease.

The objects on her head are filters.  She also has an excessively heightened sense of hearing.