He started down the same path Trasik had gone, Chel walking beside him worriedly, Zeta and Stealth right behind them. Neither of the dice had said a word. Zeta knew something was up, but he’d never actually witnessed any of Lexx’s fights other than the same one Chel had. He didn’t know Trasik. Stealth on the other hand did. She decided it best to not say anything as Lexx spoke.

“That was Trasik. You thought I was bad,… you remember when you were mad at me for hitting Zeta,… well, she’s the one that has no respect for life. All of her dice will fight to the death rather than lose and be punished.” Lexx spoke more for his own benefit than Chel’s, telling himself about how he’d been here before and he’d made it. He was still standing here, wasn’t he? This would be the last time he’d have to fight her, if he won or lost. If he won this one, she’d never be able to challenge him again by the game rules. Only one challenge was allowed per set.

“She has no problem with pushing them too far or accidentally killing them – hers or me. I’ve fought her twice before.” Lexx felt his nerves relax, thinking more on the fact that he’d won before. He could do it again. “The first time, she underestimated me. The second time, she almost killed me, but it was her dice that lost.”

“That was the worst fight I’ve been in,..” Lexx inhaled deeply, recalling how long it had gone on and how close it’d been. The dice she had used at that point had quills all over it and bladed tentacles laced with an acid that burned and ate through his skin. He’d barely lived through it. The dice had continued to fight even when it could barely move and Trasik did not recall it to save it. At that point, it forced Lexx to attack to finish the battle.

It had been a brutal death match and most of the spectators who were present left near the end due to the heinous tactics employed by Trasik. “It took me weeks to recover.” Lexx stared ahead, “So you can imagine that I do not want to do this. None of the other players are so … persistent.”