“This one is a good store. They have an in store tailor and surgeon.” Lexx turned toward a clothing store. The signs were all in some strange scrawl that Chel couldn’t read or even begin to understand.

“Surgeon?” She blinked, pausing outside the door.

“Yes.” Lexx looked over his shoulder, flexing his right wing. “I have to get my wings pierced if I want to wear anything at all. You see how they’re attached. Not enough room for anything to be held on reliably and I don’t like drafts.”

Chel stared at Lexx. “You’re going to pierce your wings?”

“It’s not a big deal.” Lexx sighed, the corner of his mouth upturned in a slight smile at the concern. “I can’t do it myself or it will heal. You’ll see,… oh yeah, Stealth, stay out there.”

Stealth murred, her tails twitching. “I don’t get to go in, but Zeta does?!”

“Lexx glared at Stealth over Chel. “Stealth. You know why you’re not allowed in the stores. I am not bringing it up here. Sit and wait for us.” Stealth growled, but sat by the door, twining her tails over her haunches and getting a relayed message in addition. ‘I can’t risk you stealing something else and getting caught. I’m still mad at you for the relay.’

Zeta grunted in passing, holding his head up high. “Hah! Zeta get come in, Stealth have stay outside! Bad Stealth!”

“Wings?” A tall alien creature immediately stepped up to Lexx, looking him over thoughtfully. “Over this way, if you want a good fit.”

Chel didn’t see Lexx get his wings pierced. He had gone into a room for a few minutes, and then walked out, trying not to grimace. The holes were visible, held open by a pair of golden rings. They had to wait a little while longer before they were fully set and Chel couldn’t help but stare. All this, just so he could wear a shirt? It looked painful, even after Lexx assured her it just stung a little. About the same as getting your ear pierced. She wasn’t entirely convinced.

Lexx tried on several outfits while Chel sat by and watched. Occasionally, while Lexx was changing, she would look toward the section of the store which had several beautiful gowns and dresses. They were all extremely eye catching in their exotic designs and cuts.

It was amusing watching Lexx stepping in and out of a dressing room, asking her repeatedly how he looked. The alien clerk had brought quite a few outfits to Lexx after hearing exactly what he wanted and Lexx was very picky, but Chel realized everything he picked up had shades of gold, red, orange and black. Strange color combinations for someone whose mood swings almost seemed to dictate nothing but black and dark colors.

The clothes were just an outward expression of what she’d already seen in Lexx. The colors were warm, vibrant and spoke loudly in their silence. He didn’t like showing off his body,… but he did like how he looked. The shirts all had high collars that hid the lower half of Lexx’s face. He seemed to enjoy being hidden, hard to read, but while speaking with Chel he held his head up so that she could clearly see him. He wasn’t hiding from her.

Regal. Vain. Arrogant. The descriptive words shadowed Chel’s thoughts. Lexx had a way of walking and carrying himself, which made Chel forget that he was essentially a slave. He didn’t act like one. He had a lot more respect for himself than he let on.

“Excellent.” Lexx stepped out of the dressing room again, in the last of his outfits, one that he had taken a good ten minutes to put on.

“It looks good on you, Lexx.” Chel grinned in response.

“It should,… costs enough.” Lexx grumbled with a smirk on his face, admiring the mix of cloth and leather belts. He nodded to the clerk, then motioned to several outfits that were set aside. “I’ll wear this and have the rest delivered to my ship. It’s the Rift in docking bay Cilan Casi number 10.”

While Lexx completed his order and paid for them, Chel walked to the dresses to take a quick look. They were very nice and for a moment, she really wanted one of them. Why? She didn’t fully know. Dresses weren’t Chel’s idea of the perfect outfit, but these just screamed to be worn.

“Cee,..” Another attendant came up behind her, politely speaking. “Would you like to try it on? The color is good to you.”

“I can’t afford it,” Chel sighed in resignation. She was trying hard not to stare at the various aliens walking around her. “But,.. uhm,.. thank you.”