Chel watched as Tayne and Jayne walked away to their own room without another word. She looked around the now empty and very quiet room. There was really nothing in it for her to do. She could sit and look out the windows if she wanted. But she had already seen enough of the vast emptiness of space.
I won’t be good to anyone if I don’t sleep. Chel sighed and glanced down at her feet. She turned and slowly shuffled to the doors that Tayne had motioned to. The seamless doors slid open to reveal a small bedroom with two low beds and little else in the way of furnishing. I just don’t know if I can fall asleep in here.
Chel stepped through the door and the lights in the room behind her immediately dimmed as the door slid shut. The bedroom lights brightened just enough for her to easily see where everything was, what little there was of it.
She chose one of the beds and sat down. The cushion on it was surprisingly soft and comfortable. Chel laid down and stared at the ceiling. The lights immediately dimmed to a soft, soothing blue. A wave of weariness swept over Chel, wiping her mind momentarily of all thoughts.
Then, worry crept in and Chel bit her lower lip in thought and a silent prayer. Please, God, don’t let me be the reason Lexx loses.