Chel stood up as soon as she saw Lexx step onto the arena. While they were on the ground level, the arena itself was huge. She leaned against the railing, jumping as a light flickered and a wall flared up between the arena and seats. Letters flickered over it in various languages. Chel caught one in English: Protective barrier engaged for your protection. Then the letters faded and the wall was completely invisible as though there was nothing there at all.

“I hope he’ll be ok… He will be ok, right, Stealth?” Chel worriedly gripped the railing. Stealth rubbed up against Chel’s leg, sitting next to her.

“He’s beaten her before, Chel.” Stealth purred.

“Zeta not want see!!” Zeta hid behind Chel’s legs, forepaws over his eyes.

Through the crowds of various aliens, a pair of well-dressed individuals easily made their way. The crowd parted for them and quickly. They were known. One Littan and one Rishan. While the Littan looked friendly enough, the Rishan had a stern cold look fixed across his face. He was here for business.

“There. That would be Stealth and Zeta … and the human girl he’s rumored to have with him.” The Littan leaned over to the Rishan. “I told you that Lexx would have her on the floor row, Zaile… pay up.” He nudged the other in the side.

“Later.” Zaile smirked. “I’ll have my tailors at your command when we return to the ship, Riley.”

Riley nodded, shuffling along with his hands in his pockets. The pair apparently had a love for nice clothes. The Littan with his golden blonde hair was dressed in an almost floor length dark purple coat. His hair was tied and wrapped in Littan style. Littans never cut their hair short. Like Trasik, he looked very human and could easily pass for one.

Zaile on the other hand was wearing a dark blue cloak that was just barely short of brushing the floor. While it was plain in appearance, it was adorned with ornaments of some gold looking metal. A headband of the same golden orange metal sloped down his forehead. Like Lexx, he had the same blue skin and darker patches on his jaw. He also had a remarkably similar expression on his face to Lexx’s usual look. The most striking thing about Zaile was his hair. It was solid white with a pale blue sheen and hung down his back almost as far down as his cloak, perfectly straight and trimmed even at the end.

The two moved to stand behind Chel, Zaile muttering to Riley, “I cannot see why he picked up a human girl. He could have any Rishan woman he wanted.”

Riley shrugged and whispered back cheerfully, “I think she’s cute,… but I have a thing for short females, plus, her hair is really eye catching. I wouldn’t mind playing with it.”

“Play? You know, someday you’re going to have to do more than play with girls.” Snorted Zaile.

“You do your thing,.. I do mine and don’t have to worry about having a litter of kids.” Riley grinned. “Besides, most girls would rather have a virgin than someone who’s experienced.”

“Whatever.” Zaile glowered. “Perhaps that’s in your little universe,…”

Down in the arena Trasik shook her head at Lexx and flicked her dice out in front of Lexx. It bounced several times and then the modifiers followed it. “If you’re in such a hurry to die,.. here’s my dice.” Trasik leered and stepped back to the safety of the sidelines.