“No… no… this can’t be happening!” Chel felt the blood drain from her face in shock. The first time she’d seen Lexx battle had been bad enough, but this thing. It had teeth. It was also much bigger and more vicious looking than the first dice. “That thing will kill Lexx! I’ve got to do something.”

The moment the words left her mouth she felt a hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently to get her attention. It was immediately followed by a whisper with a strange accent to it, but understandable, “Can’t interfere or Lexx loses by default.” Chel froze, swallowing hard, afraid of what kind of alien she’d see if she turned around.

“He’d belong to Trasik and he definitely doesn’t want that. You need to stay here.” The voice continued in a comforting tone. “This is no place for a human.”

At that, Chel turned her head, “This isn’t a place for anyone!! Now get your hand off me!” She was a little surprised to be facing another alien like Trasik.

“No.” He smiled faintly, keeping his hand on her shoulder.

Back in the arena, the battle had begun. The high master dice had turned and slammed its tail into the ground near Lexx. He moved as quickly as he could to get out of the way, scrambling almost and amazed at the creatures speed and precision. For something so large, … it could move.

“Charge!!” Lexx began his attack with a single word.