“Uhm,…” Lexx faced Chel, getting a firm hold on Maenae. “Maenae, this is Chel. Chel, meet Maenae.”

“Hello, Maenae.” Chel could barely muster the words. She was still attempting to sort through what she was seeing.

“Daddy!” Maenae said it again. “Is Chel going to be mommy?!” Lexx felt as though he could wither and vanish at the suggestion. He would find whoever it was who told Maenae to call him ‘Daddy’ and have a little ‘talk’ with them.

Chel didn’t even blink, the thoughts racing through her head. ‘Lexx is a father?! Lexx has a child?! LEXX?!’ She took a closer look into the little girl’s unblinking eyes. They were completely black and undulated with a golden orange light. They were eerily hypnotic and scary at the same time. ‘No,.. she’s not his. Those eyes,.. she’s not a Rishan. Nowhere near human, but why is she calling Lexx ‘Daddy’?’

‘I have a hard time seeing Lexx as someone who would take in someone else,… to take care of them.’ Chel attempted to figure it out on her own, noting how dark Lexx’s face had become. He was blushing and looking away from Chel. He didn’t want to meet her eyes, because he felt he’d spill out an explanation in pure gibberish.