Lexx hit the ground hard on his side and slid. There was a familiar cracking sound as he felt his ribs bend unnaturally. Again. He had never managed to get out of a fight without at least his ribs being bruised. At least they weren’t broken. He could barely breathe, but he pushed himself upright through sheer willpower to not go down.

“Charge….” The ground rumbled beneath Lexx as he took a moment to let the nanites fix what they could. The dice was quickly closing on him, but he had time.

Chel cringed as Lexx hit the floor, feeling utterly helpless to do anything and afraid she was about to watch him die. “What is HE doing? Why isn’t he fighting back or defending himself?!” She whimpered to herself.

“Charging.” Riley had both hands on Chel’s shoulders now, making sure she wasn’t going to get away. “Very clever! If Lexx can keep away from it long enough without engaging it in any way – He MIGHT win.” Riley breathed a sigh of relief. He was sure Lexx would win, but he was concerned he might not be able to walk out on his own power.