Trasik glowered from the sidelines, grinding her teeth as she realized what it was that Lexx was doing. “Don’t let him keep charging!” She screamed at her dice. “Crush him!!”

The beast immediately reared back its head, jaws gaping open and a blue white light forming within its throat. Lexx stood and turned just in time as a blast of razor edged crystals formed and flew from the dice’s mouth. There was no way he was getting out of this attack without getting hit.

“Charge!!” Lexx stood his ground, moving just enough to keep from getting skewered and accepting fate as several of the shard ripped his shirt and pants, some of them leaving small cuts that healed quickly. One was unavoidable, slashing through his upper left arm down to bone.

Lexx wasn’t even aware he’d been hit until he saw the spray of blood in the air. The pain itself didn’t register. He had to keep his concentration on not getting hit in a more vital area.