“This time?” Lexx snorted. “There will not be a next time, Trasik. That was your last chance to fight me. Rules are rules and you only get one chance per set.” For once, the rules worked in Lexx’s favor. This was the last time he’d ever have to face her and that relieved Lexx to a point of something near being happy. He felt good, alive. He was hurting, but alive. “I will not challenge you, just so you can try to kill me again.” While Trasik couldn’t challenge Lexx, he could challenge her if he wanted. He didn’t.

“We shall see about that, Lexx.” Trasik turned slightly, rolling the dice between her fingers. She was already calculating her next move. The game wasn’t over, it was just beginning. She wasn’t about to let Lexx get away so easily. He had cost her a lot of crids in the past and she would take them out of him,… one drop at a time.