The crowd was cheering uproariously. Several of them had already begun their descent down to the playing field. It was a customary action to go down and congratulate the victor, especially to those who had won crids betting on them.

Chel started to get up, spotting a way to get down to the arena and thinking she could beat the crowd to Lexx if she hurried. Riley was quick to grab her by the arms and pull her back out of the aisle.

“You need to stay here with me or you’ll be crushed.” Riley stated as several large aliens rushed by, moving incredibly fast for such large creatures.

“I am with Lexx!!” Chel yelled, struggling to get free.” Who are you and why-”

“I’m a friend of Lexx’s. My name is Riley.” He moved to sit down, letting Chel go and motioning to the seat next to him. “It’ll be fine. He’ll be up here in a few minutes, but you shouldn’t try to go down there. Some of those aliens have exoskeletons that aren’t as sensitive as skin and they aren’t used to being around soft skinned creatures.”

Chel went quiet, having no choice but to sit down. Stealth and Zeta didn’t seem concerned at all. At least Riley didn’t seem psychotic. Unlike Damian and Claudia. “A friend of Lexx’s?” She questioned curious about it. Lexx didn’t seem to have a need for friends, or a want for them. Why did he have so many people calling him their friend?

“Yes.” Riley relaxed in his chair, stretching and crossing his arms behind his head. “Stealth and Zeta know me. Don’t you two?”

“You two couldn’t have said anything?” Chel scowled at the two dice.

“I was watching Lexx.” Stealth purred.

“Zeta eyes closed!” Zeta laid his head apologetically across Chel’s knees. “Not got eyes in back of head!”