“Absolutely not, Claudia.” Damian was quickly losing his patience with Claudia. It seemed as though everyone was trying his patience lately. Damian had been invited for an evening drink with Claudia that had turned into a considerably more entertaining end to the night than Damian had expected after having to entertain an annoying rishan and two nosey humans. He had welcomed the break, but now felt annoyed to the point that he just wanted to be alone.
“But, Damian, think about it.” Claudia spoke softly and rubbed Damian’s shoulders. “If Chel goes home with ‘daddy’, then we have Lexx to ourselves!”
Damian scooted forward to retrieve his clothes, working out the right response.
“While you do have a valid point, I do not want you to do what you have suggested, Claudia. I like Chel.” Damian was done with this conversation. If only Claudia would get the point.