Riley got up, noticing that the stands were now clear and thinking that Lexx would probably be joining them soon. “Can’t take a joke, can you?”

“If they’re funny,…” Chel murmured apprehensively.

Riley chuckled, showing his fangs off to Chel again since he was amused by her reaction, and then he noticed something interesting. He was picking up unfamiliar and uncontrolled relay signals. Could the girl have one? How did she end up with one? Riley decided to investigate, unaware that Lexx was walking toward them.

“Riley,…” Lexx stared at the littan curiously, arms folded in front of him with his cloak draped over them. He had a couple of bandages on his shoulder and arm due to the depth of those two wounds. They were still bleeding a little beneath the wraps. “Why are you grinning at Chel like that?”

Riley didn’t have time to answer, still doing some probing and sending a small suggestion to Chel just to see how easily she would react to it. Aliens with similar mental patterns could be given suggestions and have their emotions toyed with if they were not experienced with filtering their relay signals. He was surprised to find that Chel wasn’t doing any filtering. Now,.. he could have some fun with this.

Chel felt a very uncontrollable urge to go to Lexx. She’d been held back from doing so because she knew how much Lexx hated being touched, but suddenly, it was like she couldn’t remember why it was she didn’t want to do that. Riley blocked the reasoning and snickered mentally to himself, sitting back to watch the situation he was creating.

“Lexx!! You’re okay!! I’m so glad to see you!” Chel lunged at Lexx so quickly he felt a twinge of panic and at the same time liked it, right up until he felt a sharp pain in his side.

“Ow-owwww! Watch the ribs!!” He cringed, holding his arms away from Chel. This was all very awkward, especially in front of Riley.