“What trouble are you causing now, Riley?”

“The usual!” Riley grinned proudly. He knew full well how much Lexx hated being touched, although he was intrigued that he didn’t push Chel away. ‘Oh, come on Lexx, she’s cute! You can’t really be bothered by having her clinging to you.’ Riley invited himself into Lexx’s thoughts, sitting in a chair in the middle of nowhere with it turned around backward so he could cross his arms over the back of it.

Lexx appeared, kicking the chair abruptly out from under Riley, “My ribs are killing me, Riley!”

Riley laughed, crashing to the ‘floor’. “Hey, you’re alive, what more could you ask for? Admit it, you LIKE it!”

Lexx didn’t respond, frowning at Riley and rubbing the back of his neck. The thoughts took no more than a few seconds amidst their real conversation. Chel inched around Lexx’s body so that he was between her and Riley.

“Riley threatened to bite me, Lexx!!” Chel glared at the littan.

“You know the crowds, Lexx.” Riley grinned, showing off his fangs again for effect.

“Yeah, .. thanks, Riley! She could have gotten hurt.” Lexx nodded, lifting his arm to greet Riley in their version of a handshake. Arms resting flat, hands in fists. In the ‘playground’ Lexx smirked at Riley, “You threatened to bite her?”

“It worked, didn’t it?” Riley smirked back, having since picked himself up. “Do I detect a hint of concern for the human?”

“Her name is Chel.” Lexx frowned, “And no, you do not.”

“No problem!” Riley stated aloud, then added, “Was my pleasure, probably should leave her on the ship next time.” He meant to say that mentally, but said it aloud instead.

“Hello – standing right here!” Chel frowned, getting annoyed at the two talking like she wasn’t there.