Riley made his way to the upper level of the arena, stepping off the stairs into a hallway. Zaile was there waiting for him. The Rishan was leaning against the wall casually. He didn’t bother to look at Riley as he stepped by him, knowing it was him just by his footsteps.

“That was completely unnecessary, Riley.” Zaile commented flatly.

“Yes, but fun.” Riley chuckled, then added, “The girl has a relay. I just toyed with it.”

“She has a relay?” That got a response from Zaile. He glanced at Riley critically, waiting to hear more. “Could this get any worse?”

“She’s not aware of it, Zaile.”

“Oh? Interesting. Did you find out anything else useful?”

“No,… not enough time and I didn’t want Lexx,…” Riley glanced over his shoulder to make sure that the two had gone. He was nervous about this, all of this. “.. to know what I was doing.”

“Understandable.” Zaile nodded. “We don’t need him getting suspicious of you, Riley.”