Around the garbage cans. Around the garbage cans. The cat almost lost her footing as she turned. The space was tight, but she managed to get through it, just ahead of Lexx. Even inside the safety of the yard and its six foot fence, she knew she wasn’t safe. She had to get inside the house and that could be hard. Hitting the door with a light thud, she stood up and pawed, meowing frantically for the door to be opened.

Inside, Chel was just about to get up to put the phone back in its spot. The kitten’s cries were not unheard. “Oh! Mittens is back! Better hurry and let her in before she vanished again.” Chel chuckled a bit to herself. The cat was always getting into trouble, getting stuck up trees, the wood pile or in the trash cans. She wasn’t that bright. “Hold on!”