In the dim porch light, Chel couldn’t see him well with his head bowed, now the light cast a bluish glow over his skin. Odd,.. it was a white light. She also noted as he looked up, his eyes were strange, extremely light and an unusual color. Perhaps it was just the lighting playing tricks on her eyes, but it was all making Chel more and more uneasy.

Outside, Lexx attempted to sound as non-threatening as possible to get the human to open the door and give him what he wanted, “I just want the cat, easy to describe her.” He paused again for effect. “She has TWO tails.” That should be convincing enough. As far as he knew, most of the creatures on
this planet only had one tail.

Chel blinked and looked down at the cat, whose tails were at the moment swishing back and forth in clear feline agitation. “Just wants the cat,… freaky looking cat, the more I think about it.” The cat’s ears were too big, as were the eyes, and she’d never seen such a coloration. “Should I?” She thought
on it. It wasn’t her cat and it probably did belong to the guy outside, but,… something was wrong.

The cat’s uneasiness didn’t make Chel too comfortable with opening the door at night. “Could you come back in the morning? I’m not opening the door to a stranger this late. Sorry,… I’m sure you can understand.” Chel tried to sound assertive without being rude, which was a bit hard.