Through the peephole, she could see the figure nod his head forward and the eyes half close. He didn’t say anything and if he did, she couldn’t hear it as a crash of thunder roared overhead and the sky once again opened up with rain. The figure turned away, slouching, hands in the pockets and vanished from sight in the darkness.

The cat seemed happy with that decision, closing her eyes and beginning to purr. Just in case the cat might be hungry and bother her during the night, Chel decided to return to the kitchen. “I’ll fix you some of Mitten’s kitty food. Then go to bed.” She whispered to the sleeping cat.

Lexx watched her through one of the house’s side windows, his hair starting to clump and soak up the now steadily falling rain water. It was also getting through his coat now and making him cold. A growl from within reminded him that he’d been so quick to come out here, he hadn’t bothered to eat. Lovely.

“Darn cat! It’s not fair! I’m cold and hungry! Ugh,.. and wet! I hate this.” Lexx muttered to himself, feeling more hopeless than actually upset. It was all that cat’s fault. He’d be at home right now enjoying a nice hot cup of yideh if she hadn’t run to the house. This wasn’t starting out the way he
wanted it to, but he would wait.