Chel yawned and rubbed her eyes. It had been a very long day and the bunk seemed incredibly soft and comfortable, but her thoughts lingered elsewhere. “What am I going to tell my sister and brother?”

“The truth?” Fly chirred, having made himself comfortable on Chel’s head. Chel lifted a finger to rub the squirrel under his chin.

“That’ll go over great, Fly.” Chel smirked. “My cat is part of an alien game and I’m staying on a ship with an alien,.. who’s not really an alien,…” Fly leaned over and hopped onto her hand, cocking his head to one side in concern.

“How else are you going to justify being gone?”

‘How…’ That question echoed through Chel’s mind. There really wasn’t any sense in this, no justification for her being here or any sense in it. ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen and I’m not safe here. Common sense says stay home when you get there. You’re pushing it. You could get hurt and then what? What am I doing here? This isn’t home.’

“I’m not even really welcome here,…” Chel sighed, ‘But I feel like Lexx needs me, at least to encourage him. He’s not so bad, it’s just this situation he’s in. It’s so wrong. So unfair. Who am I to think I can do something about it?” Chel leaned back and pulled the covers up over her head. “I guess I’ll have my answer tomorrow.”

“Certainly…” Stealth purred, making herself comfortable next to Chel while Fly nestled himself up onto Chel’s shoulder. Her spot. Stealth glared at the squirrel for a moment, considering. She’d have to do something to fix this little issue.