“We’re not really the MiB, we’re ERA, Extraterrestrial Research and Acquisition.” The unknown man began explaining. “We’re a branch of PSI, Paranormal Scientific Investigations.”

“We recover evidence of ETS.” The unknown woman continued. “We have a lot of questions and since we are clear that there are many different kinds of aliens who ‘visit’ Earth.   Perhaps your friends will be willing to give us information on them so we know what we’re dealing with.”

“…” Chel mulled over the suggestion. She did not want to be in the middle. Especially not as tired as she was. “I can ask … but can I get some sleep first?”

“It’s fine.” The unknown woman continued smiling. “We’ll meet back here this afternoon.”

Yes… no or very few updates next week, then a week of as many as I can get done.. then no updates… then the rest of the summer should see regular updates again, sorry, I have family matters to attend to and A-kon in two days. Getting ready for A-kon is always a whole lotta fun. :/