“… ow.” Lexx gasped, trying to catch his breath, the hot air a bit much for his lungs. He blinked a few times and slowly began to regain his bearings. The cat had hopped up onto the window sill and was now sitting there, glaring at him and waiting for his next move. Zeta,… hid his head sheepishly between his forepaws. He was in trouble, he knew it!

The backdoor unlocked with a clatter and swung open. Chel in her nightshirt ran barefoot into the cold wet grass. In her hands, something silvery grey gleamed in the light of the lingering storm. Her father’s gun. At times like these, it was good to have a father who worked in law enforcement, what branch, Chel had no clue. Something he couldn’t tell anyone about, not even his family, but he had guns in the house and Chel knew how to use them.

“Hold on, don’t move! Stay right there!” She shouted at the form on the ground, starting to lift himself out of the mud puddle just below her window. Chel lifted the gun slightly, not pointing exactly at Lexx, but close enough that it would only take a slight movement to hit him if he tried anything. Never point a gun at anyone, even if they might attack you. It could go off accidentally. Right now, accident or not, Chel was determined to not let the intruder get away. He’d answer to the police once they arrived.

A quick push of a button inside the house and a silent alarm had been sent. They’d be there in a few minutes. The girl was confident that she could keep him here until they arrived.

Then, Lexx looked up, a determined gleam in his strangely colored eyes, “I can’t do that!” He grated through clenched teeth, standing up to her bluff, or so he thought. Surely she wouldn’t shoot him. Humans were always going through a crisis and pulling a gun, but they didn’t always shoot them.

Wasn’t that what he’d seen in a couple of the transmissions he’d watched earlier in the day. They’d stand there, holding the gun pointed at someone who hadn’t actually hurt them, shaking maybe. But normal humans did NOT shoot guns, so if he didn’t threaten, he wouldn’t be shot at. Lexx wasn’t the threatening type, he’d come here for one reason and it wasn’t to hurt a human.