Lexx turned his head slightly to avoid any further contact as he stood.

The sound sent his ears ringing before he realized he’d been hit. The gun went off with a loud pop, aimed at his arm. Chel hadn’t hesitated. The moment he was on his feet she’d pulled the trigger, swinging the gun just enough to one side to wound Lexx. He immediately fell to his knees, gripping his right arm in shock. A thin vapor of smoke rose from a noticeable hole in his coat. He noted that the gun was smoking as well, lovely.

Silent, as though letting the thought sink in that he’d been shot, Lexx stared at his shoulder and the rapidly darkening patch of crimson soaking through the blue fabric of his coat. It hurt. He just had to wait a moment to catch his breath, yes, that’s all it was. It’d stop bleeding soon, but the pain wouldn’t go away as the bullet had passed through his arm and into his side, lodging against his ribs. That explained why he couldn’t catch his breath and felt a bit too warm on that side.

“Why did you have to go and do that?! I didn’t shoot you!!” Lexx was perplexed. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen. So far, nothing had happened tonight the way it should have. The effort to speak so quickly shocked him into silence a moment.

“You were in my room!” Chel snapped back, still holding the gun up and pointed slightly at Lexx.

Humans were confusing. Lexx made note of that, his head beginning to swim with lack of oxygen. “I just wanted my cat! GEEZE! I thought humans hated guns! That HURT!” He emphasized the last word with a yelp, a sharp pain racking his side. His thoughts faded into darkness and even though he fought it, unconsciousness was the overwhelming victor. Slowly, he fell forward, “Ngh,… go…” He tried to say something more, order Zeta away so he wouldn’t get into trouble.

Zeta didn’t get it. He hadn’t been seen yet as he hadn’t moved and made himself known. In the darkness, Chel didn’t notice him until he spoke. “Stupid human!” Zeta hissed in a panic, “Make Lexx go sleep?!” Unconsciousness, sleep, they were all the same thing to Zeta. He moved closer to his master, nudging him with his head. At the same time, Chel backed up, her eyes widening in astonishment.

I don’t know what’s going on! She thought to herself, glancing from the strange little dinosaur like animal talking to her, the alien in the grass and then onto the windowsill where the cat was standing, swishing her twin tails. “Freakin’ talking lizard in my backyard and an alien?!” She could feel herself beginning to hyperventilate out of fear. This wasn’t happening. She turned and ran back into the house, slamming the door behind her.