Chel just stared at him. “I think if I were going to do anything, I would have while you were unconscious,…”

Lexx nodded slowly, “,… I guess so.” He then noticed Zeta standing near the couch. “Great, you couldn’t have run off and hid until I got up, could you, Zeta?”

Zeta winced slightly, “Sorry,… my bad?” He asked.

Not bothering to respond to the creature, Lexx returned his attention to Chel and the cat, which was sitting up on the back of the couch. He decided that perhaps he should take a more polite approach and see if that could get him what he wanted. “I’m sorry if I startled you. It was just important that I recover that cat.”

The cat hopped down from the back of the couch to just in front of Chel. “I don’t think she likes you that much.” The girl commented, noting how the cat’s eyes were narrowed to green slits and her ears were laid almost completely flat against her head.

“Yeah, that die never did, always running off.” Lexx stated, more to himself than Chel, while looking pointedly at the cat.

The cat glared back, thinking ‘Anything to alieve the boredom!’