June 07, 2001 (2 Comments)

"I didn't do anything!" Chel snapped at Zeta. "He's the one who sat up and yelled. I'm just sitting here watching. He's very passionate and insistent, isn't he?" "Lexx gotta get all the dice, yes." Zeta sighed, "But you, bad human, should not get in way. You not involved." Chel scooted forward, rearranging to blanket and making sure that Lexx was still breathing. He was. "Not sure what I'm going to do with him if he keeps fainting like this." She stared at Lexx. He had a nice face when it wasn't contorted with yelling or the dirty looks he'd been giving the cat and Zeta, almost human. Aside from the obvious differences in color and angling. Idly, she lifted his arm, intending to make Lexx a bit more comfortable and noted the odd texture of his wrists. It made her skin crawl, thinking about the tiny machines working inside and the weird upraised bumps under her fingertips, until she turned his wrist. Vertically, his forearm was a mess. Healed cuts, some of which that looked to have been deep. Jagged gashes and almost purposeful slashes heavily scared Lexx's forearm. "Wonder what happened to his arms,... wrists are covered in scars,..." Chel mused thoughtfully to herself. "Almost like,..." At that moment, Zeta thought the human had touched Lexx enough and grabbed the sleeve of her shirt, tugging sharply, "I'm hungry! Feed me!" It was the first thing that came to mine. He was hungry. Chel turned to him, her train of thought interrupted, "My, aren't you demanding." She muttered to Zeta. "Weren't you just growling at me?" "I can't help it, bad human!" I'm hungry!" Zeta tried to look submissive, lowering his head and peering up at Chel. Chel sighed and turned more toward Zeta, trying a slightly different approach, "My name is Chel." She smiled at the little creature, "Stop calling me Bad Human, ok?" Zeta looked at her a moment, as though thinking it over, "Ok, Bad Chel. Give me food now?" This was going to be a long night.

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  1. Been re-reading this. I’d somehow forgotten about Lexx’s scars. Knowing more about the story, this page is heartbreaking.

    1. ahhh.. you made me sad.

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