“You better stop insulting me if you want me to keep feeding you, Zeta!” Chel folded her arms, figuring that since Zeta seemed to like to eat so much, that would be a workable threat.

Zeta sighed, his crown of feathers twitching back to lay flat against his head and neck. It was a very pitiful display, comparable to a sad puppy’s eyes. “Ok,… I stop…” Zeta whispered meekly. “Just upset Lexx not awake.” He lowered his head enough to lick up the last remaining bits of cat food, then slowly started back to the living room.

Chel followed. She felt a little bad for how she treated Zeta, especially since he seemed to have a very clear mind of his own and feelings to go with it. Now she’d hurt them.

“Lexx sleep lot now. Not sleep for weeks.” Zeta walked to the side of the couch, hitting Lexx’s shoulder with his muzzle and resting it against the cushion.

“Weeks?” Chel blinked, wondering if he was talking about the same kind of weeks. Funny, she just now thought on it, that they were speaking very clear English. At least, Lexx had been speaking it clearly.

As though reading her mind, Zeta tilted his head to explain, “Nanites also make it so Lexx stay awake all time if want, need to. Sleep long time if do that,… that why he so tired now. Lexx not want sleep all way here, push self too far, depend on nanites much. Lexx hate nanites, but do this lots times.”

Chel stood silently, considering what Zeta was saying. If that was true, he probably wasn’t as ‘weak’ as he seemed, just tired and when he woke up,… he’d be well rested and recovered. “Wow,…” She breathed slowly, feeling her heartbeat quicken at a surge of panic. “Uhm, you don’t think he’ll really hurt me when he wakes up, do you?” Zeta had threatened, so he would probably know best, although that she trusted the creature was still up in the air.

“Lexx never hurt anyone, just wants stealth dice you got. Then we go.” Zeta responded slowly, a bit more seriously. “Zeta like drink now, thirsty. Please?”

“Sure,…” Chel turned to go back into the kitchen, Zeta hopping at her heels. Zeta for his part, kinda liked the human. She gave him things when he asked. That was good.