Lexx yawned, looking out the window into Chel’s back yard. They’d just come through the door a few minutes later into the dark house. While Chel ran about quickly picking things up and putting them away, he stood by the window, watching the sun lightening the sky in the distance.

It wasn’t often that Lexx got to see things like this, things that happen only on planets to such a beautiful degree. The sun was rising and the clouds were brightening with pale pinks and golds.

“Lexx, get away from the window!” Chel pulled the blinds closed in front of him. “You don’t want anyone seeing you, do you?”

Lexx frowned, giving Chel an insulted look. “No.”

Chel already had her back turned and was checking messages on the answering machine before Lexx could add anything. He slunk away from that window, looking for another one he could look through while she was distracted.

“Are you sure about this, Chel?” Lexx idly struck up conversation while sliding his hand between the curtains in the living room window.

“No,.. but the truth is the only way to go.” Chel was quick in getting between Lexx and the window, prodding him across the room and to the couch. Lexx could easily have stepped past her, but let her off with a mere dirty look. Chel turned on the TV and brought Lexx a remote and a game controller. “I’ll meet them at the door. They should be here soon!” She was really hyper, anxious even. “You can play games or watch TV while I pick things up,.. just stay in here and don’t look out the window.” Chel handed the two devices to Lexx. “Just push the red button to play games and … I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

And she was gone again, rushing down the hall to make sure she got to the door before her siblings did.

“Primitive,… hmmm,.. but universal.” Lexx examined the two controllers curiously and pushed the red button.