Chel was busy in the laundry room when she heard the yell, “He must be awake.”

Zeta was standing beside her, playing with a towel, “Yup, Lexx awake, not sound happy either.” Chel grabbed a grey robe hanging on a hook by the door and flipped the switch to turn on the dryer.

“Come on, Zeta,… don’t want him to hurt himself again, do we?” Chel ran through the house, Zeta not far behind, dangling the towel in his jaws.

Chel didn’t quite expect to find Lexx huddled underneath the blanket. “You didn’t seem to mind an hour ago,… but your clothes were soaked so I’m drying them for you. They aren’t ready. They’re spinning for another hour or so, sorry.”

“Geh,.. you undressed me!” Lexx grated from beneath the blanket. Odd how things turned around and it was Lexx who was more tentative around the girl, than she of him.

Feeling the need to defend herself against the unspoken accusation, Chel responded quickly, “I didn’t do anything! I swear! I’m a good Baptist girl! I just uhm,… Didn’t take off everything!”

“And that is supposed to mean what to me?” Lexx grated, “The word of a human who SHOT me, drags me into her house and then undresses me! You don’t understand. I do NOT like strange girls taking my clothes off!” He ranted from beneath the blanket, halfway through realizing just how ridiculous the entire situation was. “Geh, why am I talking to you?! Just give me my clothes and my cat and we’ll be gone and this nightmare will be over!”

Chel stood for a moment, searching for the right thing to say. She’d already said it, so simply reiterated to his final words a flat, “No.”